Print Unmounted - Testing Artificial Teeth

Against a background of smoke-churning industrial foundries, we're shown a fantastic machine, built (rather shakily) from wood and scrap metal. The machine is tensed, via the knotted hairy string, pulleys and cannonballs, to let fall a weighted pole that ends in a single tooth, thus plunging the tooth into a cooked chicken that sits on a china plate beneath it. The scientists and ministry people, with their Shavian beards, their monocles and disputatious mien, earnestly inspecting what became of earlier tooth-chicken experiments,  the man with the shears, waiting for a signal to slice through the rope, the butler-like figure carrying a trayload of teeth down to the arched warehouse where earnest artisans are working on more metal plungers.

Dimensions: W 30 cm (11.8 ins) x H 42cm (16.5 ins).

(Includes border 2cms approx.)

Supplied rolled in a tube.

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