How to Live in a Flat

During 1932 and 1933 Heath Robinson had drawn a series of cartoons for The Sketch entitled “Flat Life”, which depicted various gadgets de¬signed to make the most of the limited space available in the contemporary flat. It was this series of drawings that provided KRG Browne and W Heath Robinson with the inspiration for their first full-length book together. It was called How to Live in a Flat, and as well as greatly extending the original ideas showing many ingenious ways of overcoming the problems caused by lack of space in flats and bungalows, also provided much fun at the expense of the more extreme designs in thirties furniture and architecture. There is an extended section that explores the possibilities of tubular steel furniture, including a chair with a tap on the side providing a continuous supply of beer through the tubular frame from a barrel in the basement below.

Hardback. 136pp

Dimensions: H 19cm(7.5ins) x W 12.5cm(5ins) x D 1.3cm

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