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Korky Paul is a British illustrator of children's books. He was born and raised in Rhodesia but now lives in Oxford. His work, characteristically executed with bright watercolour paint and pen and ink, is recognisable by an anarchic yet detailed style and for its "wild characterisation''.

The current exhibition at the Museum focuses on a selection of Korky Paul’s illustrations of his most famous characters, Winnie and Wilbur, featured in the multi-million selling picture books written by Valerie Thomas..

Soon to be an animated series on Channel Five’s children’s programme Milkshake.

Korky has selected two of his favourite illustrations from each of the 22 picture books, exhibited here as GiClée prints: reproductions of the originals in limited editions of 150, signed and numbered by Korky himself.

Korky Paul rarely sells his original art, so a signed Limited Edition Giclée Print is probably ‘the next best thing’ to owning one of his illustrations...


Giclée (gee-clay, the French for “spurt of ink”) is a digital inkjet process for printing accurate reproductions of art work virtually indistinguishable from the original.

The seemingly ‘dotless’ digital imaging of Giclée prints retain the wonderful texture, richness and vibrancy of Korky Paul’s colour and manic, detailed line.

Each print is checked, signed and numbered by the illustrator.

Dimensions: 59 cms x 42 cms


Do enjoy browsing through the selection. Each print has a caption (which will not appear on your signed print!). Then scroll down the drop down list and order from there.


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